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Our process

We discover and boost your digital strategy for your product

Our team analyzes the data collected through UX studies and establish the necessary process that tests solid and rewarding hypotheses.

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A creative web and mobile UI design

We process UX results and project results on modern, user-friendly interface designs that seamlessly onboard users and positively respond to their expectations and needs.

User-centric approach.. always!

We are preparing the ground for online or on-site test sessions to confirm our assumptions and meet end-user expectations.

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Our services

UX Strategy

  • Auditing
  • Research
  • Workshops
  • Strategy
  • Content writing

UI Design

  • Wireframes
  • Design system
  • Interface design
  • Prototype
  • Micro-interaction

Usability Testing

  • Recruitment of users/testers
  • Preparing the dialog flow
  • Design of user flow tests and surveys
  • Individual meetings online or in-site
  • Reporting and drafting of the iteration plan

The co-pilots of your journey

Meet the crew


Founder & Experience Director

The Boss… The coolest!

Oumayma MAKNI

UX Project Coordinator

Our compass in the depths of the oceans


Creative UI Designer

Our smile that never goes out


Creative UI Designer

Our spark of joy

Haythem GATAA

Creative UI Designer

Our artist with an eagle eye


Head of Product & UX Lead

Our polar star


Backend Developer

Our magician transforming the design into code

Maybe you?

The BEST digital agency

Tunisia Digital Awards winner - 2021

Our human-centered approach, our problem analysis process, and our creativity in identifying solutions make us a solid player in the field of UX Design in Tunisia. ‎
‎Digital transformation without serious consideration of mercurial user behavior will never be able to meet the challenges of the mission. ‎
Weare Moon places itself in this equation as the reliable player who masters the UX Design aspect which, in turn, guides this digital transformation to new horizons 💫



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