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Project Management

Account & Project Management
Communication and Influence
Mastering UX Process

As an UX ProjectManager at Moon, my role revolves around being the primary point of contact for clients, building and nurturing long-term relationships.

My responsibilities include understanding client needs, providing solutions, and ensuring the successful delivery of our services.

I act as a liaison between clients and internal teams, facilitating communication and collaboration to meet project objectives efficiently.

Additionally, I oversee a team of account managers, guiding them to deliver exceptional customer service and maintain client satisfaction.


In my role as a UX Project Coordinator at Moon, I oversee a team of account managers, ensuring they deliver exceptional customer service and maintain client satisfaction. My responsibilities include guiding them through project management processes, fostering effective communication between teams, and prioritizing client-centric solutions. With a focus on efficiency and attention to detail, I manage multiple projects simultaneously to ensure timely delivery and exceed client expectations.

Bringing a wealth of experience in managing and coordinating UX projects, I am deeply passionate about user-centric design. I strive to ensure seamless project execution from conception to completion, leveraging my understanding of the UX process to streamline workflows and optimize project outcomes. With strong communication skills and a commitment to excellence, I facilitate collaboration between cross-functional teams to meet project timelines and deliverables effectively.

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