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Agency Manager

UX Strategic Vision
Leadership and Team Management
Business Acumen

As the Experience Director at Moon, SaaS Design Agency specializing in UX UI Design, I play a multifaceted role that encompasses both strategic direction and operational management.

In addition to overseeing the agency’s user experience strategy, I serve as the primary spokesperson and chief executive officer, defining the strategic direction of the agency and guiding its actions.


My responsibilities extend to ensuring the agency's visibility and performance, overseeing the work of teams dedicated to supporting clients in their communication strategy design. This involves designing the overall policy of the company in terms of commercial development, marketing, finance, and structure. I manage the agency's largest budgets, overseeing client management, strategic planning, and creative teams.

In addition to my strategic responsibilities, I am deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the agency. I must possess strong communication skills across various media channels, both online and offline, and exhibit excellent managerial abilities to lead, recruit, and unite teams.
I bring a blend of interpersonal skills, artistic sensitivity, broad knowledge, and curiosity to my leadership role, driving innovation and excellence across the agency.

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