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An immersive learning experience

Groupado Pro offers 100% online training via an interactive, user-friendly platform offering multiple learning...

Haythem GATAA 8 July 2022

A 4 in 1 security incident response platform

Haythem GATAA 23 March 2022

Ready to become the best version of yourself?

Haythem GATAA 20 January 2022

A website for a non-profit organization

The Mourakiboun Network Association, commonly known as Mourakiboun, is an association under Tunisian law,...

Haythem GATAA 19 January 2022

Empowering Cyber First Responders

StrangeBee, creators of TheHive & Cortex, the beloved solutions trusted by the world's leading cyber security...

Haythem GATAA 18 January 2022

More than a web shop!

Shopdemcointer is a B2B platform dedicated to international leaders in the textile sector for...

Haythem GATAA 12 January 2022

Carpooling done right

A user-friendly application for a special user journey

Haythem GATAA 17 May 2021

Designing the telecom industry

A social networking tool is used to simplify the connection of professionals. It's easy...

Mongi AYOUNI 3 March 2021

An audio guided tour

It was never easier to travel to a new country and discover the most...

Mongi AYOUNI 3 March 2021

Useful platform dedicated to connect healthcare associations

A minimalist design, all the attention was focused on the work of the association....

Mongi AYOUNI 3 March 2021

A website for your business

Strange bee presents these services and products through a simple website. Video not supported.

Mongi AYOUNI 1 March 2021

Connecting all Marketing, Sales, and Operations into a single platform

Sellerapp aims to help e-commerce vendors in scaling their business revenue and seamless business...

Mongi AYOUNI 1 March 2021

Manage your files differently

Explore and manage your files with a 3D perspective.  Edit the main Folder with...

Mongi AYOUNI 1 March 2021

Design at the service of defending the human value

Human values highlighted through design We support human values and we showcase the importance...

Mongi AYOUNI 22 February 2021