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Overview of the project

Telecompage serves as a digital hub where telecom professionals can connect, collaborate, and engage in industry-related discussions, events, and opportunities.

For professionals, it offers a platform to expand networks, seek job opportunities, develop skills, and showcase expertise. Companies can leverage Telecompage to promote products and services to a global audience, enhancing visibility and reaching potential clients worldwide.

Additionally, the platform includes community features facilitating discussions and knowledge sharing within the telecom community.

Objectives of the mission

Moon’s objective in developing Telecompage was to create a user-friendly platform that fosters business interactions and deals within the telecom community. Targeting high-level executives and influential companies in the telecom sector, the platform encompasses various compartments tailored to telecom professions, including events, a marketplace, job boards, freelancing space, and e-learning opportunities.

The challenge lay in designing a platform that serves as both a professional network and a value-added business sharing platform.

Our Unique Selling Proposition – A Profound UX Methodology

Our approach revolves around a human-centered UX methodology, recognizing the pivotal role of user experience in designing a social network and any digital solution based on community interactions.

By prioritizing user needs, preferences, and behaviors, we ensure a seamless and engaging platform experience that drives user adoption and satisfaction.

In-Depth UX Approach

Project Kickoff and Understanding

Initial stakeholder and team meetings facilitated problem analysis and comprehension notes, leading to the framing of project scope, roadmap, and communication plan.

The Project Kickoff and Understanding phase, culminating in the Project Scope document, serves as a strategic cornerstone for project governance. It lays out a clear roadmap and communication plan, aligning stakeholders and teams towards common goals and objectives.

By facilitating problem analysis and comprehension notes, this document ensures a shared understanding of project scope and direction from the outset. Its strategic significance lies in its ability to establish a solid foundation for decision-making, risk management, and project execution, ultimately fostering project success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Strategic Needs Mapping

Utilizing focus groups, writing groups, and ideation sessions, we identified user needs, mapped user flows, and created wireframes. This process involved identifying user targets, discovering user journeys, and building a priority UX backlog.

💡 The UX Backlog, as a result, comprises a prioritized list of user experience improvements and features to be addressed in the design. It serves as a roadmap for development, guiding the design team on what needs to be built and in what order. This helps streamline the design process, ensuring that the product meets user needs effectively and efficiently.

UI Design Phase

Developing the idea using an optimized design process involving fast prototyping and micro deliveries is crucial in the UI design phase.

Our design team leverages tools like Figma to rapidly create prototypes that simulate the user experience, allowing stakeholders to provide feedback early in the design process. This iterative approach facilitates quick iterations based on feedback, ensuring that the final design meets user expectations and project requirements.

Additionally, explaining the UI design process helps stakeholders understand the rationale behind design decisions and fosters collaboration between our design team and stakeholders.

Profile creation flow
Innovative Timeline Experience

The timeline feature of the social network has been innovatively designed to offer a varied experience tailored to the user’s needs. With customizable options and intuitive navigation, users can personalize their timeline view to focus on what matters most to them, whether it’s staying updated on industry news, networking with peers, or exploring career opportunities.

This innovative approach ensures that users can efficiently manage their interactions and engagements within the platform, enhancing their overall experience.

Intelligent Search Functionality

The smart search engine incorporated into the platform utilizes advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to deliver precise and relevant search results. With its intuitive interface and predictive capabilities, users can quickly find the information they need, from connecting with industry professionals to discovering relevant content and resources.

The smart search functionality enhances user productivity and satisfaction by streamlining the information retrieval process, making it an indispensable tool for navigating the platform efficiently.

Profile section for Professional ans Company
Interactive Messaging Hub

The Inbox messages and Chat feature serves as a dynamic communication hub within the platform, facilitating seamless interaction and collaboration among users.

Articles section: Empowering Content Creation

The Articles feature offers users a powerful yet user-friendly editor equipped with easy writing tools, enabling effortless content creation and publication. With intuitive formatting options, rich media integration, and seamless editing capabilities, users can craft compelling articles with ease.

Whether it’s sharing industry insights, thought leadership pieces, or company updates, the article editor empowers users to express their ideas effectively and engage with their audience. Unlocking the potential for creativity and expression, this feature facilitates the seamless creation of engaging and impactful content.

Event Management Made Easy

The Events feature provides users with a comprehensive platform for managing upcoming events, accessing a convenient calendar view, and participating in engaging discussions, akin to talk shows.

With intuitive event creation and management tools, users can effortlessly organize and promote their events, while attendees can easily browse upcoming events and RSVP. Whether it’s networking opportunities, workshops, or virtual conferences, this feature streamlines event management and enhances user engagement.

From planning to participation, the Events feature offers a seamless experience for both organizers and attendees, fostering community interaction and knowledge sharing.

Empowering Telcos: The Classroom for Continuous Learning

Designed exclusively for Telcos, The Classroom section offers a comprehensive eLearning platform, enabling professionals to enhance their skills and expertise. Access a curated library of industry-specific courses, workshops, and training modules tailored to the evolving needs of telecommunications professionals.

Unlocking Opportunity: Telco Freelance Solutions

The Freelance Solution provides Telcos with a dynamic platform to access a global network of freelance professionals specialized in telecommunications. Seamlessly connect with skilled freelancers to address project needs, whether it’s temporary staffing, specialized expertise, or project-based collaboration.

Telco Talent Hub: Explore Opportunities on our Job Board

Discover career opportunities and talent in the telecommunications industry through our comprehensive Job Board. Whether you’re seeking top talent or exploring new career paths, our platform connects Telcos with qualified professionals across diverse roles and specialties.

Post job listings, browse resumes, and streamline your hiring process with our user-friendly interface designed specifically for the Telco sector.

TelecomPage: Empowering Telco Professionals on Mobile

Discover the seamless mobile experience of TelecomPage, where telco professionals connect, share insights, and explore opportunities on the go. With intuitive design and smooth navigation, TelecomPage brings the power of networking and collaboration to your fingertips.

Explore the screens below to see how TelecomPage revolutionizes professional networking in the telecommunications industry.

Key Insights and Findings

By delving into user interactions and feedback, we unearthed invaluable insights that guided our design decisions and product enhancements. These findings enabled us to iteratively refine the platform, ensuring alignment with user needs and market trends.

From uncovering usability pain points to identifying feature priorities, our data-driven approach facilitated informed design improvements that optimized user experience and maximized platform effectiveness.

Our comprehensive user research and rigorous testing processes provided deep insights into the intricate nuances of user preferences and behaviors within the telecom industry.

Working with Moon on Telecompage was a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in UX design and their commitment to delivering a top-notch product exceeded our expectations. Telecompage has become the go-to platform for telecom professionals worldwide, thanks to Moon’s innovative approach and dedication.

Malek Bouteraa – CEO Telecompage


Summary of the Project

Telecompage emerged as a pioneering platform, revolutionizing the way professionals engage within the telecommunications industry. By fostering a dynamic and collaborative online community, Telecompage empowers users to connect, share insights, and explore opportunities seamlessly.

Through strategic design and meticulous execution, Moon transformed Telecompage into a user-centric hub that facilitates meaningful interactions and drives business growth.

Summary of the Project

The launch of Telecompage marked a significant milestone, amplifying user engagement and catalyzing business objectives within the telecommunications sector.

Professionals now have a centralized platform to network, access resources, and expand their industry knowledge, ultimately fostering career advancement and professional development.

Additionally, Telecompage provides businesses with unparalleled visibility and networking opportunities, enabling them to showcase products, attract talent, and forge strategic partnerships on a global scale.

As a result, Telecompage not only enhances user experience but also propels business success, solidifying its position as the premier destination for telecom professionals worldwide.

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Telecompage - The Social Network for the Telecom Industry

Telecompage is an online professional business network exclusively dedicated to the telecommunications industry.

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