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WeRyou upsets data collection methods in point of sale and provides brands with a crowdsourcing-based platform (Crowd). By using weRyou on their smartphones, our "Weez" gives you the detailed and geo-localized data you have requested, always with supporting photos. Their real-time presence throughout the country allows you to instantly have a vision of the reality in points of sale (supermarkets, grocery stores, tobacconists, kiosks ...).
Mobile app Web platform


WeRyou connects brands that need to collect point-of-sale data with real people anywhere in Tunisia who can provide this information in real time. Thanks to their community, you can find out exactly what is happening in the store.


Thanks to the weRyou community, missions are carried out in less than 48 hours, with data delivered in real time on the client platform.

  • Date

    mai 30, 2019

  • Skills

    crowdsourcing, mobile design, ux, user experience design, ui, user interface design, web

  • Client


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